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Registrars play an integral role in the end-user registration process of a domain name. Registrars are third party resellers to .jobs and often offer many valuable related services to the domain name registration such web hosting, email, and many other products and services. We are accepting applications to be a certified .jobs registrar.

For certification as a .jobs registrar, a few basic requirements are necessary:

Step One - ICANN Accreditation

Before you can proceed with certification with .jobs, you must first be accredited by ICANN. The process for ICANN accreditation is explained at the ICANN home page. After ICANN accreditation, follow steps 2 & 3 listed below.

Step Two - .jobs Certification

The following document will need to be completed in order to become a .jobs-authorized registrar:

Step Three - Join the VeriSign Name Store

The VeriSign Name Store is a back-end platform to your front-end interface to consumers. Following a one-time integration of the Name Store API, .jobs certified registrars immediately can add registration services in .jobs and present them on their Web site.

VeriSign Global Registry Services (VGRS) is the Internet's leading provider of registry services and Domain Name System (DNS) support. As the exclusive provider of registry services for the .com and .net top-level domains, VGRS supports hundreds of domain name registrars and maintains the infrastructure that responds to billions of domain name look-ups daily. To learn more about the Name Store, see Verisign, Inc. Domain Name Services. You may also view the The Verisign Merchant Services Agreement.

Further Information - Contact Us

For further information or if any additional questions, please contact: or call 216.426.1500 ext. 127