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Community Disputes

If you feel a domain in .jobs has been registered, or is being used, in a manner inconsistent with any policy, guideline, practice or business rule of .jobs, you may contact our compliance team at compliance (at) by email, or call Ray Fassett at (US) 1-216-426-1500 x3.

In your claim, you must identify the (1) specific domain you believe to be at issue, and (2) the specific provision of the .jobs registration agreement with which you believe the domain is inconsistent. You must also identify yourself and any entity/interest you represent, and provide valid contact information including an email address, phone number and physical address. You should explain how you and/or the entity you represent are affected by the actions you identify in your communication.

If you believe your complaint relates to Employ Media's contract with ICANN, you can also contact ICANN directly.